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Estudio de Maestría

Terapia Física
Universidad de Puerto Rico - Recinto de Ciencias Médicas

Centro: Escuela de Profesionales de la Salud
Grado: Maestría
Web plan estudios: Ver el plan de estudio en el sitio de la institución

Objetivos formativos / Perfil profesional:

Upon the completion of this degree the graduate is qualified to work as a general practitioner in physical therapy and will be able to offer services in the following scenarios: hospitals, rehabilitation centers, geriatric centers, industries, schools, sports medicine centers, health promotion programs, private practice, community programs, and others.

The graduate will be able to asume the roles of being a clinician, researcher, administrator, educator and consultant in the above mentioned scenarios.
Modalidad de Enseñanza: Presencial
Área Conocimiento: Terapia y rehabilitación
Duración: 3 año/s
Acreditado por:

Requisitos de acceso:

- Possess a baccalaureate degree or be in the last semester of study for obtaining the same. For the latter, at the time of applying to the Program, the student must have a minimum of 16 credits completed in the required sciences courses.

- All sciences courses should include both lecture and laboratory instruction.


- Overall grade point average of 2.8.

- First Aid provided by the American Heart Association or by the School of Health Professions and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certification for the Health Care Provider, both to be maintained while enrolled.

- Interview with Program faculty. (Only those candidates ranked in the first 33 positions based upon the GPA and EXADEP).

Required Courses:

Human Biology: 6 - 8 Credits.
General Physics: 8 Credits.
General Chemistry: 8 Credits.
Statistics: 3 Credits.
General Psychology: 3 Credits.
Human Development: 3 Credits.